Leaf Group Announces Results of Innovative Study on Consumer Behavior Due to COVID-19

Consumer Survey of over 20,000 Respondents Identifies Key Behavioral Shifts Since the Height of Stay-at-Home Orders, Including a Rise in Spending

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Aug. 27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Leaf Group Ltd. (NYSE: LEAF), a diversified consumer internet company that builds enduring, creator-driven brands, today announced the findings of a comprehensive survey across the company’s largest digital properties. Leaf Group’s extensive audience reach, combined with deep relationships with its readers, resulted in insightful data useful for advertisers seeking to build brand campaigns focused on engaging consumers in a COVID-19 environment.

With a sample size of over 20,000 participants representing Leaf Group’s digital audience from Hunker, Livestrong.com, Society6, and Well+Good, the survey aims to gain an understanding of how perspectives have changed across a number of categories, including cooking, cleaning, fitness, home decor, and more, since April 2020.

The data, collected between April 6 - 13, 2020, and again between July 9 - 16, 2020, show that, despite economic uncertainty, Leaf Group’s audience is spending more online: 74% of respondents say they are regularly shopping online in July vs. 54% in April. Data also show a 16% increase in those prioritizing wellness and beauty routines in July vs. April, and 69% of respondents say organizing their home has become a part of their regular routine.

When asked what readers were most worried about right now, the majority of respondents reported the rise in COVID-19 cases across the country, as well as the presidential election were top concerns. The latest report also revealed permanent changes to consumer behaviors, including prioritizing a more home-centric lifestyle. Of Well+Good’s respondents1, 89% say they will continue to cook at home even as businesses reopen and stay-at-home orders ease. Additionally, 75% of Well+Good respondents say they will continue to participate in at-home workouts and 66% will adopt at-home beauty or self-care routines, even after stay-at-home orders are lifted, while 63% of survey participants from Livestrong.com2 say they have no plans to return to the gym after it reopens. 67% of Hunker respondents3 plan to spend the same amount on home goods or plan to spend even more in the second half of 2020.

In addition to COVID-related behavior changes, the study includes insights into how consumers expect brands to respond in fighting systemic racism. For example, rather than passively observing the unfolding developments, the majority of respondents reported actively seeking out information to learn more about systemic racism and how to fight it. Additionally, two times as many people surveyed want companies to take proactive action to support BIPOC-owned businesses rather than focusing solely on supportive communications and social messaging.

“This study gives us an incredibly nuanced view into how people are feeling and what they are doing in response to a constantly changing public health, cultural, and political climate,” said Jay Ku, Senior Vice President, Brand Partnerships at Leaf Group. “Utilizing this data allows us to make insightful strategic and creative recommendations for our brand partners that are sensitive to how consumers are feeling right now.”

This data set unveils a true look into how brands can shape their messaging to reach their audience during this time. To see the full results and learn more about the study, visit https://study.leafgroup.com/.

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Leaf Group Ltd. (NYSE: LEAF) is a diversified consumer internet company that builds enduring, creator-driven brands that reach passionate audiences in large and growing lifestyle categories, including fitness & wellness (Well+Good, Livestrong.com and MyPlate App), and home, art & design (Saatchi Art, Society6 and Hunker). For more information about Leaf Group, visit www.leafgroup.com.

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1 Leaf Group Consumer Study, Well+Good (n = 1,843)
2 Leaf Group Consumer Study, Livestrong.com (n = 3,761)
3 Leaf Group Consumer Study, Hunker (n = 1,234)

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