Leaf Group Refreshes Pet Site Cuteness

In Partnership with Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Cuteness Shifts Focus to Ethical Pet Ownership

SANTA MONICA, Calif., June 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Leaf Group’s digital media pet site, Cuteness, today announced a design and content refresh. The new Cuteness site will examine pet ownership from an ethical standpoint while staying true to its roots of covering adorable pets. Cuteness is committed to caring for pets in a way that is both ethical and kind. Hill’s Pet Nutrition is the presenting sponsor for the refresh of Cuteness.

In a survey of over 3,000 Cuteness readers in May 2022, the brand found that 87% foster or own a pet, with 66% of those that foster or own pets having dogs and 54% owning cats. The overwhelming majority, 84%, agree that adopting or looking for qualified, ethical breeders is the best way to search for a new pet. The survey also found that 61% of readers love to spoil their pets with their favorite toys, 35% love a bargain when it comes to pet toys, and 26% listen to expert recommendations before making a toy purchase.

Cuteness believes in ethical pet ownership standards and informs all coverage with these standards in mind, ensuring that all content presented is in line with what is best for readers’ pets. The following ethical pet ownership standards fall in line with those of the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior and the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants:

  • Positive reinforcement training, including high-value rewards, praise, and lots of patience, for all animals. Cuteness does not promote the use of any aversive on any animal.
  • LIMA (Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive) standards.
  • Force-free and fear-free principles.
  • Consulting qualified experts, including your vet, about any dietary questions, medical issues, or changes in your dog’s behavior, and consulting a qualified, certified trainer about any behavioral issues.
  • Cuteness does not promote “dominance theory,” “alpha theory” or any similar dominance-based theories of training, as these theories have been thoroughly debunked.

“Whether you’re looking for adoption guides, information about your pet’s quirky habits, or want to read about adorable pets, Cuteness has you covered,” said Cathy Taylor, Director of Operations, Cuteness. “We’re committed to caring for our pets in the most ethical and kind ways, and by fostering a community of pet lovers who are equally aligned and passionate about our values, we’re able to provide the knowledge they need to care for their furry friends. We look forward to helping readers and brand partners alike on topics like pet adoption, cleaning, travel, and more.”

To learn more about the brand’s ethics visit https://www.cuteness.com/brand-ethics and to explore the new Cuteness, visit www.cuteness.com.

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Cuteness is a digital media pets site, featuring expert-vetted health and training tips, shopping guides, and inspiring pet stories from around the world. With its daily editorial content and active social media community, Cuteness is the go-to hub for pet parents. Cuteness is operated by Leaf Group Ltd. For more information, visit www.cuteness.com

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