Well+Good Announces Highly Anticipated Wellness Trends Report

The Annual Report Names the Groundbreaking Wellness Trends to Expect in 2022 in Beauty, Fitness, Health, and More

NEW YORK, Dec. 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Well+Good, a market leading wellness brand, announced today the launch of its highly anticipated annual Wellness Trends report. The report names the major shifts and innovations that will shape the wellness industry over the year ahead. This year’s Wellness Trends report is presented in partnership with Lincoln. 

This year's trend deep dive was created in consultation with an expert panel of Wellness Trends Advisors––a group of thought-leaders who have their finger on the pulse of what's now and next in the health and wellness industry. Well+Good's experienced reporters collaborated with these industry experts to pinpoint and explore the game-changing movements in the Beauty, Fitness, Food, Health, Self Care and Home verticals.

"The wellness industry has been forever changed by the pandemic, and many parts of it have been exponentially accelerated to meet the unique needs born of this challenging time," says Kate Spies, General Manager of Well+Good. "People are more aware than ever that their health is shaped by so much more than what they eat and which workout they do, and they are demanding a more sustainable and equitable approach from all brands in this space. We are so encouraged to see the progress that has been achieved over the past two years, and the 2022 trends are emblematic of a more inclusive, representative and sustainable industry."

Highlights from the 2022 report include:

  • Gender-Inclusive Personal Care: next year, expect to see gender-inclusive, gender-expansive, and gender-positive products getting more shelf space in beauty retailers. As consumers demand representation beyond gender binaries, in 2022, we’ll see brands place gender inclusivity at the forefront of their launch and expansion plans with gender positive formulations, packaging and scents.
  • Sustainable Sneakers Hit Their Stride: the sustainable sneaker industry has seen a lot of innovation in the last few years and we’re finally starting to see the fruits of that labor go mainstream. Many major brands are pledging to go carbon-neutral, eliminate production waste, and reduce their carbon footprint, while also switching to recycled or plant-based materials.
  • Vertically Farmed Produce Will Sprout Up in Communities Most in Need: modern vertical farming, which is commercially grown crops in vertical stacked layers, is finally going mainstream in 2022. This method requires 99% less space and 95% less water than traditional farming, and while vertical farming isn’t new or meant to completely replace traditional farming, the pandemic has made its potential crystal clear to the agricultural community.             
  • Employers Will Finally Regard Mental Health as Serious Business: burnout and stress have been on the rise and juggling work through the pandemic made many people rethink what they actually want in a job. With employers aware of this dynamic, they have no choice but to listen to employees signaling that mental health support is an important benefit to them. And in 2022, workplaces will invest in the growing number of resources available that offer mental-health-focused benefits, including subsidized mental wellness and therapy services, mental health training at work, self-guided tools and apps, and mentorship.
  • Hybrid Health-Care Models Are Meeting People Where They Are With Human-Centered Care: a growing number of health care startups are embracing a preventative, value-based model of health care that meets patients where they are in order to provide even more Americans with better, more affordable care. And in 2022, these companies will put their (venture-capital-raised) money where their mouths are, using their recent investments to reach more people, particularly historically underserved groups, including women, lower-income folks, and the elderly.      
  • The Future of Cleaning is Sustainable: the average consumer today is demanding less toxicity and more sustainability from companies who make, ship, and supply their everyday cleaning products. Next year, look out for concentrated products in recycled or upcycled packaging, as well as reusable cleaning cloths and in-store refill programs.

To view the full Wellness Trends report, visit: https://www.wellandgood.com/fitness-wellness-trends/

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