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Vacationers Can Upload Their Travel Photos To Find Matching Art For Home
By Todd Neikirk

The Saatchi Art Match tool allows users to submit their images and visually search its collection of original works for similar art pieces to purchase

Today, high quality cameras come with all kinds of devices, from smartphones and iPads to watches. People are taking more pictures of their experiences and want to communicate their memories, which the Saatchi Art Match tool helps make easier: The function allows users to upload their favorite pictures from their travels and recommends similar original art for purchase.

To find art inspired by their journeys and experiences, users upload their photos to Saatchi’s website and the tool uses visual-recognition technology to curate customized lists of pieces that closely resemble the original images. Saatchi is an online art studio that partners with artists from around the world to sell their art, so the tool has a wide repertoire to pull from.

Saatchi’s General Manager Jeanne Anderson explains the appeal, saying, “We know travel memories are often a big source of inspiration for art buyers. With Saatchi’s art search and match technology, travelers can actually take a piece of their travels home with them in just a few clicks.’ Rather than browsing through hundreds of pictures on a website, the Art Match tool utilizes custom curation to streamline the search process and help art buyers find pieces with more personal meaning.

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