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8 online retailers that save you time and money on school supplies and back-to-school essentials

By Connie Chen


Though your summer beach trips are just getting started and school is probably the last thing you want to think about, back-to-school season is coming up sooner than you think.

Instead of putting off supply and clothing shopping until the day before school starts — when the aisles have been swept clean by other frantic parents and students — it helps to take a proactive approach and prepare ahead of time.

By shopping online, you can take your time to browse a larger selection of products and take advantage of any exclusive online offers that will help you save money.

These online retailers know that back-to-school shopping is stressful, so many offer free, fast shipping and pick up policies, special perks, and student-centric services to make the process as easy as possible.

They're also the best choices for your wallet. Individually, each supply's price might not make you blink an eye, but the costs will add up by the time you reach the end of your list. Shop at these online stores to find the best deals, bulk prices, and everyday low prices.

Below you'll find a breakdown 8 online stores and the various perks and advantages they offer for back-to-school shopping…

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