eNom Announces Growing Momentum and Interest in New TLDs


More Than Two Million Expressions of Interest and 400 Resellers Ready to Capitalize on New TLD Initiative

eNom Readies Tools for Businesses and Consumers to Participate in Internet History

KIRKLAND, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--eNom, the world’s largest ICANN accredited wholesale registrar, today revealed two key touchstones achieved in its ongoing commitment to ready customers for the upcoming launch of new Top Level Domains (TLDs). Following the ICANN 46 Conference in Beijing earlier this month, the registrar reports that more than 400 of their resellers have signed up for the initiative for new TLDs, with modules specifically tailored for partners and end-users to seamlessly participate in all phases of this historic launch.

Additionally, the eNom New TLD Watchlist module has collected more than two million expressions of interest for domains to be registered with the new TLDs. Together, these benchmarks signify consumer anticipation for new TLDs such as .NINJA, set to become available later this year.

“eNom will be supporting many of the new TLDs coming to market through the Sunrise, Landrush and General Availability phases, so preparing our customers for this landmark evolution has been a top priority for our team,” stated Taryn Naidu, executive vice president of Domain Services for Demand Media, parent company of eNom. “We see the strong adoption by our partners and the increased activity on Watchlist as an excellent indicator of the excitement in the months to come.”

With more than 1,000 new TLDs coming to market beginning this fall, eNom has prepared all areas of its business to deliver the best platform for its resellers to attract new customers and increase sales. The initiative for New TLDs, launched last year, has been strongly received and implemented by eNom partners, with the plug-and-play embedded new TLD widget quickly becoming the most popular.

“eNom is way ahead of the game in supporting the rollout of new global top level domains. The eNom team built an intuitive Watchlist application that we quickly and simply integrated into our Panel - enabling our 360,000 global customers to get up to speed on the new TLDs and track domain names they might want to purchase once released,” said Simon Anderson, CEO of DreamHost. “We love when strategic partners apply their expertise to simplify our customers’ experience, and eNom has been an ideal partner for this reason.”

“The eNom New TLD Watchlist is such a great feature,” said John Martis, president of Hostway and Domainpeople.com. “It gives our customers the chance to mark their interest and be kept up to date on when the domain name they care about becomes available – it is anticipating the need – and that is smart.”

In the more than two million Watchlist submissions received over the course of nine months, the three new domain extensions of greatest interest are:

1) .Web
2) .Shop
3) .Hotel

From a category viewpoint, the most expressions of interest have been in the areas of:

1) Services (for example: .Attorney, .Expert, .Law, .Design, .Engineer)
2) Identity and Lifestyle (for example: .Family, .Love, .VIP, .Mom, .Health)
3) Internationalized Domain Name/IDN (for example: .Com in Russian, .Sale in Japanese, .Charity in Chinese)
4) Geography (for example: .Vegas, .Melbourne, .Stockholm, .City)
5) Novelty (for example: .Wow, .Ninja, .Today, .WTF, .Zone)

Since eNom launched the Watchlist, Services, Identity & Lifestyle and Geography have consistently ranked in the top five categories. IDN and Novelty have recently joined the top five, replacing the Shopping (now 6th) and Technology (now 7th) categories.

Additional insights culled from Watchlist data include:

  • .Ninja is one of the fastest growing in interest; moving up from 27th place in December to 14th today and is the most popular in the Novelty category.
  • In the Sports category, .Fan, .Football and .Soccer all scored as the three fastest-growing rates of interest.
  • .Shop is the #1 ranked TLD being watched in Canada.

More information on eNom’s new TLD program is available at http://www.enom.com/resellers/benefits-newtlds.aspx

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