Demand Media Launches New Travel Channel with Arizona Republic


New Travel Channel is Fourth Partnership With Gannett Publications

SANTA MONICA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 22, 2012-- Today, leading digital media company Demand Media, Inc. (NYSE: DMD) announced the launch of a new Travel Channel on, the Arizona Republic’s online destination. The new channel represents the third collaboration with, part of Gannett publications, and the fourth with Gannett.

“Demand Media’s Content Channels solution adds regional travel information to augment the deep, rich and local Arizona travel content we already provide,” said  John Triplett , Content Partnership Editor of the Arizona Republic. “This Travel Channel launch makes it that much easier for us to enhance our existing travel content in a way that attracts new readers and grows new sources of advertising inventory across our site.”

Demand Media’s Content Channels solution has helped brands and publishers access a proven content creation model that leverages a network of expert contributors as well as audience insights and data to help shape editorial focus. The addition of practical, evergreen content attracts new audiences to publisher sites, and attracts new customers to retail sites and brands.

“We expect to have more than 25 Content Channels live by the end of this calendar year,” said  Bill Jeffries , SVP of Partner Content at Demand Media. “Our ability to deliver high-quality, engaging content on topics ranging from automotive advice to investment tips, frees up our brand marketing and publishing partners to focus on what they do best.”

For publishers and brand marketers alike, it’s no longer enough to simply maintain a static website. Consumers now expect to be able to turn to them for information at any time on a multitude of connected devices. Demand Media’s Content Channels solution helps publishers and brands identify, create and deliver content consumers can use in their every day lives. It delivers original content in a variety of formats, including text, image-centric and video – all produced using the same data-driven content creation process that has kept Demand Media’s own network of sites on comScore’s top 20 list for the last three years.

Once produced, the content is published to the partner’s website via a managed platform and is made available across desktop and mobile devices. Each piece of content is optimized for social media and can be easily shared by consumers across their favorite social network.

“We believe great content creates great conversations, both online and off. Our partners benefit from our proven ability to deliver the kind of content that resonates with consumers and gets shared via social tools,” says Jeffries. “Demand Media’s success with our Content Channels business demonstrates that the right content, delivered in the right way, creates an opportunity for both publishers and brands to reach new audiences online and develop new and lasting customer relationships.”

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