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SANTA MONICA, Calif., May 05, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Today, Demand Media(R) (NYSE: DMD), a leading content and social media company, introduced new opportunities for feature writers to write long-form articles for its owned and operated properties including, and LIVESTRONG.COM. The new role will be offered through Demand Media's content creation studio.

"The feature writer role is the latest in a series of new roles that support our studio's focus on creating engaging content for consumers," said Steven Kydd, executive vice president at Demand Media. "Over the last year, we have created opportunities for experts and on-screen talent to appear in our feature length videos. Now feature writers will join filmmakers and other creative professionals in our studio to create compelling, extensively sourced stories for our properties."

Feature writers work with studio copy editors and Demand Media's staff of more than 50 editors to develop and execute story ideas that engage and entertain readers. Like traditional feature-length articles, these articles incorporate original reporting, exclusive quotes, side bars, and have word counts north of 850 words. A sampling of feature story topics include: an examination of the heirloom produce craze, an interview with Maya Angelou on cooking philosophy, and 2011 wedding season trends.

"The feature writer role is designed to bring highly experienced writers into our studio to develop lifestyle features around topical ideas, with compelling story lines and original quotes from known industry experts," said Jeremy Reed, senior vice president of editorial at Demand Media. "With this role, we wanted to give our studio writers the freedom to have their own voice and be creative while meeting the editorial needs of our largest online properties."

Demand Media has modernized the traditional editorial process by putting everything from pitch to payment on a proprietary technology platform that is used by thousands of writers, editors and other creative professionals every day. Feature writers use this platform to pitch story ideas, write stories, receive feedback from editors and select photos to accompany their stories from the Getty Images library. The platform also supports line edits, rewrites, photo treatments and automatically checks all content for plagiarism.

Along with the new feature writing role, Demand Media has introduced new payment rates for feature stories. Features writers earn up to $350 for their stories, depending on factors like the experience required to write the story, the complexity of the topic and length of the story. Like all creative professionals who work for Demand Media, feature writers are paid within two business days of their articles being approved by Demand Media's editorial staff.

Demand Media is currently looking for feature writers with 5 to 10 years of experience writing or reporting for a major daily newspaper or equivalent experience as a regular contributor to a major magazine. Writers can apply at

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