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SANTA MONICA, Calif., Mar 03, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Demand Media, Inc. (NYSE: DMD), a leading content and social media company, today announced the acquisition of CoveritLive. Brands like ESPN, Ford, News Corp and BBC use CoveritLive to engage event audiences with real-time commentary, instant reader polling and question and answer capabilities. Events hosted on CoveritLive attract an audience of over 60 million people every month, 60% of which comes from outside the United States.

"CoveritLive really reflects our mission as a company - publishing what the world wants to know and share. Consumers around the world are tuning in by the millions to participate in live events powered by CoveritLive, collectively spending over a billion minutes on the platform each month" said Richard Rosenblatt, Chairman and CEO of Demand Media. "CoveritLive's live event platform helps us continue to work towards that mission, building on both our social publishing model and our social media product offering with a platform that offers proven value to both brands and consumers."

CoveritLive has grown rapidly as major brands increasingly use its live event platform. For instance, last weekend CoveritLive powered conversations during Sunday's Oscar ceremonies on properties like People, TMZ, Entertainment Weekly, Variety and the Daily Beast. According to Google Analytics, on Oscar Sunday over 2 million people viewed event coverage powered by CoveritLive.

Demand Media and CoveritLive have worked together since 2009, when Demand Media made a strategic investment in CoveritLive. With that investment, Demand Media secured a minority interest in CoveritLive. With today's acquisition, CoveritLive will become part of Demand Media's portfolio of social solutions, along with its integrated community platform Pluck.

"Like Demand Media, we started CoveritLive to help fill the gaps in online content. We saw an opportunity to cover live events in a way that no one had before by combining talented writers, multimedia and two way engagement via comments and polls" said Keith McSpurren, President and Founder of CoveritLive. "As a Demand Media partner, our joint customers have seen the value of combining our service with Pluck's integrated community platform. It's a powerful combination that helps marketers engage consumers before, during and after an event."

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